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Uppdaterad Pro Bag Säsong Sommar/Höst 2015.

Lättare och bättre tyg, förstärkta blixtlås mm.

Tillverkarens beskrivning

Produced in co-operation with a new partner we offer the Pro Bag made in improved fabric as well as with heavier improved zippers. The Pro Bag has two popular colors, black and camo with matching straps (straps available separately).

If you do not prefer a backpack style bag but still want a bag with great capacity then the Latitude 64º Pro Bag is for you!

The 64° Pro Bag has a unique design with great function and high quality. It includes two padded dividers for keeping discs organized. The front pocket is very good for storing your towels, gloves, sweater etc.
A wide opening in the main pocket makes it easy to grab your discs. The folding top is padded and when carried open it will comfortably rest against your body. With this bag you will never walk alone again.

2 removable, padded disc dividers to keep things organized
1.5 litre bottle holder
Putter pocket for 2 discs
Strong metal zippers
Umbrella straps
Wallet pocket with zipper
Well padded strap with anti-slip material
Mobile phone pocket
Mini marker pocket
Pencil holders
2 sidepockets and one front pocket, suitable for towels, clothes etc.
The main storage compartment holds up to 20 discs but the bag has a capacity for at least 10 discs more (if you use side pockets for discs)

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